Activity Based Management

Activity Based Management enables you to create, analyze, and monitor activity-based management information. Go beyond traditional cost allocation to model the complexities of costs based on activities, materials, resources, and product or service components. The result: you can make informed decisions based on profitability of customers, products, channels, and markets.
Integrate and Streamline Your Financials Processes
Oracle Activity Based Management is part of the Oracle Financials family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with other Financials applications, including General Ledger and Financial Analyzer.
Oracle Activity-Based Management Lets You:
- Measure Profitability
Accurately map costs to products, services, or customers. Gain flexible modeling for profitability analysis to enable strategic segmentation of markets.
- Analyze Activity Costs
Set appropriate charge-back rates. Establish performance benchmarks. Target costing for new product development.
- Produce Accurate Product and Service Costs
Quickly determine accurate pricing data based on metrics specific to a bid or anticipated sales volume. Mix and match activities, materials, and other cost objects.
- Track Unused Capacity
Compute activity rates using drivers based on practical capacities. Identify the cost of unused capacity per driver, activity, or process.
- Gain Flexible Integration
Integrate seamlessly with Oracle General Ledger and Performance Analyzer. Integrate corporate information regardless of system or format. Deploy various models concurrently by plant, product family, process, and more.

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