Data Warehousing

Decisions need to be made based on facts, not assumptions. Independent datamarts, or data warehouses that are not tightly integrated with your transactional systems, will likely lead to inaccurate or outdated results.
Oracle Database enables you to simplify your business intelligence infrastructure by eliminating fragmented data sources with a consolidated data warehouse. With a single source of truth, you can deliver reliable information, lower total cost of ownership, and see fast return on investment. Plus, you benefit from the performance, security, scalability and reliability you know from Oracle's transactional database systems.
Key Features
Fastest data warehouse design and deployment with Oracle Warehouse Builder
Oracle Warehouse Builder provides a complete environment for the design, population and management of data warehouses. Oracle Warehouse Builder includes design capabilities for data warehouses that leverage the unique features of the Oracle Database such as dimensions and star schemas. Oracle Warehouse builder also provides a visual design tool to design the Extract Transfer and Load (ETL) process. Oracle Warehouse Builder generates the code needed to implement the process and provides process management capabilities.
Unmatched performance, scalability, and reliability with Oracle Partitioning and Oracle Real Application Clusters
Oracle participates in publicly audited benchmarks against IBM and Microsoft. In the largest data warehousing benchmark categories, Oracle is either faster, cheaper or both than the competition. All the benchmark results are achieved with Oracle Partitioning, which, transparently to all applications, divides large tables into smaller, easier manageable chunks. With Oracle Real Application Clusters, you add high availability and high performance based on low-cost PC-based servers to your data warehouse.
Highest level of access control with 17 independent database security evaluations
Data warehouses may contain Personally Identifiable Information (PII), where certain parts of the data set may not be displayed to the employee analyzing these data sets (or used by the application performing the analysis). Oracle has addressed this requirement with the Label Security product. But even more important than security features or products is the security build into the code of the Oracle database itself. 17 successful, independent security evaluations give you peace of mind that your customer's most private data doesn't get into the wrong hands.
Most efficient data warehouse management with single management interface and self tuning and self diagnosing features
An Oracle Data Warehouse shares all the new management improvements that were introduced with Oracle Database: Most of the repeating, low-level tasks have been moved from the management console right into the database, which performs these tasks automatically. Oracle Enterprise Manager allows administrators to manage the entire Oracle infrastructure from disks to very large databases and applications from a single console.
Broadest range of business intelligence capabilities inside the data warehouse - ETL, OLAP, and data mining
Unlike our competitors, Oracle offers an end-to-end business intelligence solution with Oracle Data Warehouse at it's core. This simplifies the planning, installation and maintenance of your business intelligence solution: Components are pre-integrated, optimized to work with each other, and open to integrate with your 3rd party tools. Furthermore, it benefits from the performance, scalability, availability and security Oracle is known for.
  • World's most popular database for DW
  • World's fastest database for DW
  • Easiest (lowest cost) database for DW
  • Integrated ETL solution (OWB)
  • Single source of support
  • Eliminate costly 3rd party tools
  • Utilize existing Oracle skills
  • Simplified ETL development
  • Consolidated data marts
  • Secure access to centralized data
  • 24 x 7 availability of DW
  • Eliminated maintenance challenges

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