Demand Planning

Oracle Demand Planning enables real-time collaboration both across departments -- sales, marketing, finance, and production -- and with customers in order to create accurate demand forecasts. Collect data from disparate sources, and then use Oracle Workflow to route information, manage processes, and monitor performance.
Integrate and Streamline Supply Chain Planning
Oracle Demand Planning is part of Oracle Supply Chain Planning, and integrates seamlessly with other Supply Chain Planning applications, including Advanced Supply Chain Planning and Collaborative Planning.
Oracle Demand Planning Lets You:
- Configure to Meet Your Planning Needs
Gain flexibility with user-defined dimensions, hierarchies, and levels, as well as multiple units of measure. Easily design custom views.
- Provide Multidimensional Analysis
Define your own dimensions and aggregations. Analyze data along all dimensions without reorganizing. Identify and monitor trends along multiple dimensions.
- Use Diverse Forecasting Methods
Choose from several statistical forecasting methods, including moving averages, exponential smoothing, Holt-Winters, linear and non-linear models, and intermittent demand models.
- Support Exceptions Reporting
Define a common set of exception reports accessible by all users, including above/below quota, ranking, comparison, trend, quota performance, and more.
- Measure Performance
Drive continuous improvement in planning via plan/execute/measure paradigm that constantly checks forecasts against actual results.

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