Enterprise Planning and Budgeting

Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting controls the business processes of planning, budgeting, forecasting, monitoring, and analysis. Convert business strategies into actionable plans. Automate real-time monitoring of execution against plans. And integrate performance management with personal accountability. The result: you can involve everyone—from entry-level employees to executives—in the planning and budgeting process while holding stakeholders accountable for critical decisions.
Integrate and Streamline Your Financials Processes
Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting is part of the Oracle Corporate Performance Management family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with General Ledger and Financial Analyzer.
Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting Lets You:
- Work from a Single Source of Truth
Gain a unified data model for collecting, analyzing, and sharing both financial and operational information. Integrate with standard ERP applications, spreadsheets, and legacy or proprietary systems.
- Control the Planning Process
Define repeatable and transparent processes to collect, review and approve budgets and forecasts. Share business driver and model definitions across the enterprise.
- Deliver Timely Information to the Right People
Leverage business logic built into the application to manage the flow of information. Deliver analysis via enterprise portal or email, assemble briefing books, or export to a set of spreadsheets.
- Tune Plans to Improve Results
Accelerate revised data entry by automatically preparing and distributing worksheets. Investigate alternative what-if scenarios using dynamic business calculations.
- Support Global Growth
Report and budget in multiple currencies. Translate historical results using actual exchange rates, but plan future operations using budgeted exchange rates.

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