Governance & Compliance

Despite a lot of hype around compliance, it isn't a fad that will go away any time soon. Savvy CFOs know this, and are looking to build reliable and repeatable processes for sustainable compliance. Industry analysts confirm this: "Our experience is that when compliance requirements were automated and built into existing processes, it ensured ongoing compliance and reduced management and enforcement costs by at least 25%." (Source: "Preparing for Sarbanes-Oxley Year Two: Learning from Companies that are Thinking Ahead", AMR Research, December 18, 2003).Well-governed, high-performing organizations choose Oracle to help them meet their compliance, enterprise risk, and performance management objectives.
Key Features
Built-in security, controls, and information integrity (E-Business Suite)
Oracle offers many built-in control points across applications, such as a single customer record for credit management and support for shared service centers. Oracle Workflow, in addition to enforcing user authorizations and approvals, automatically documents business processes. The user security model enables segregation of duties by defining user access and authorizations.
Only Oracle provides a single, unified data model that stores information across a full range of applications, so that everyone around the world can access the same data about customers, suppliers, and employees - at the same time. Customers don't need to implement a separate data warehouse to achieve a single source of truth. With consolidated global financial information, Oracle delivers numbers that CEOs and CFOs can trust, and certify with confidence.
Streamlined financial and enterprise risk management (Internal Controls Manager)
Companies use Oracle Internal Controls Manager to streamline enterprise risk, compliance, and audit processes. Besides helping companies to document, assess, and test internal controls for Section 404 compliance, the Internal Controls Manager provides assessments of key controls within the financial applications, such as segregation of duties. Unlike competitive 404 tools, OICM includes a process-authoring tool (Tutor) for companies to graphically document new processes. In addition, OICM goes beyond current Section 404 requirements by supporting operational risk assessments and ties performance management objectives to risks and controls. This integrated approach allows companies to take a holistic view of enterprise risk, internal control, and business performance. OICM also helps companies manage financial statement certifications and audit processes.
Auditable records management (Collaboration Suite)
With its integrated stack of collaboration software and business applications, Oracle offers the most comprehensive solution for Governance and Compliance. A number of regulatory mandates (HIPPA, Gramm-Leach Bliley, SEC17A-4) focus on controlled access to data and retention of information. Oracle Collaboration Suite provides companies with a solution for managing unstructured content such as electronic documents, emails, instant messages, paper documents, calendars, web conference proceddings, voicemail, electronic discussions, web content, and inter-application transactions. Unlike structured content that is stored in relational databases, unstructured content is often scattered across different servers and desktops throughout the company. Collaboration Suite offers access to centrally stored documents, retention and disposition management and secure access control.
Policy and procedures training and enforcement (iLearning)
Successful compliance requires people to implement and follow the rules. For example, do employees clearly know their responsibilities and management expectations? Are they adequately trained to do their duties? Are they aware of company/business unit/group objectives and company Code of Conduct? Oracle iLearning enables companies to establish a culture of compliance by implementing a global training and testing program.
Real-time monitoring of material changes to the business (Daily Business Intelligence)
Using Oracle Daily Business Intelligence, managers can monitor operational and financial key performance measurements (KPIs) to support new real-time disclosure requirements. Operating alerts provide management with immediate knowledge of material changes in key financial and operational indicators. Daily Business Intelligence also provides a leading indicator of possible compliance risk.
Insight into performance against objectives and plans (Enterprise Planning and Budgeting and Balanced Scorecard)
Like Daily Business Intelligence, Oracle Enterprise Planning and Budgeting and Balanced Scorecard can be used to predict compliance and performance risks. For example, by showing variances against plan, Enterprise Planning and Budgeting can help companies identify potential internal control issues. In addition to tracking key indicators, a company may choose to create a compliance scorecard using Balanced Scorecard.
  • Ensure CONTROL by meeting evolving compliance and enterprise risk management requirements.
  • Built-in security, controls, and data integrity
  • Streamlined financial and operational risk management
  • Auditable records management
  • Policy and procedures enforcement
Boost EFFICIENCY and realize a return from your compliance invements.
  • Fully integrated processes
  • Single data model and consolidated information
  • Multi-purpose applications for compliance and performance
  • Achieve VISIBILITY to deliver better business performance
  • Single source of truth
  • Real-time business intelligence
  • Corporate performance management

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