Balanced Scorecard

Oracle Balanced Scorecard aligns management actions with corporate strategy by placing key performance indicators on managers' desktops. Custom, graphical scorecards display performance results and let users click on any indicator to perform more detailed analysis. Users can also navigate to any related function of the system to take corrective action as necessary. As a result, managers clearly see how their decisions impact both their direct area of responsibility and overall organizational strategy.
Integrate and Streamline Your Financials Processes
Oracle Balanced Scorecard is part of the Oracle Financials family of applications, and integrates seamlessly with other Financials applications, including General Ledger and Financial Intelligence.
Oracle Balanced Scorecard Lets You:
- Monitor Achievement
Compare performance against industry peers, internal plans or budgets, historical data, and more. Analyze performance by business unit, product, geography, sales channel, and more.
- Enable Strategic Feedback
Enable employees to collaborate on root cause analysis and corrective action plans. Capture feedback automatically in a knowledge repository to support organizational learning.
- Integrate with Oracle Daily Business Intelligence
Draw on more than 250 pre-built KPIs on custom dashboards and drill-down reports. Speed implementation and reporting with KPIs that are already mapped to E-Business Suite tables.
- Ensure Security
Enable users to view specific scorecards, reports, and data according to their role. Control the level of detail at which scorecards and reports are delivered.
- Speed Implementation
Create scorecards and reports via design tools with intuitive flows. Enable multiple users to develop scorecards and reports concurrently. Enable phased deployments.

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