Profitability Manager

Oracle Profitability Manager integrates the functionality of Oracle Performance Analyzer and Oracle Activity-Based Management applications into a single, comprehensive, flexible solution for the calculation, analysis, and reporting of profitability—across industries and methodologies. Going beyond traditional cost allocation, it delivers multi-dimensional analysis capabilities, including profitability by customer, product, sales channel, and more.
  • Multi-dimensional model allows analysis and reporting of profitability along any dimension including products, channels, segments, and even individual customers
  • Open to any methodology for any industry, including sophisticated Activity-Based costing methods
  • Calculate customer profitability, adjusted for risk, and prioritize customers by value
  • Built on the scalable Oracle database and Oracle E-Business Suite applications framework, Oracle Profitability Manager accepts data from multiple sources
  • Provides confidence in your results by being able to reconcile inputs back to source systems
  • Rich reporting and analysis
    • Oracle's open-standards-based approach allows third party tool integration

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