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The internet is changing business processes. Businesses are becoming e-businesses. The increased speed and efficiency of an e-business requires decision makers to respond quickly and effectively.
Oracle® Sales Analyzer combines built-in sales and marketing intelligence, a central, integrated information source, and powerful, internet-based analytical capabilities. Oracle Sales Analyzer is part of the Oracle E-Business Suite, an integrated set of applications, which is designed to transform your business to an e-business.
Find the Right Data to Analyze: Data Organized for Business Users
With its robust collection of pre-defined document templates and tools for both general and salesand- marketing-specific analysis, Oracle Sales Analyzer helps companies identify and leverage the important business information that is hidden within the data.
The power of Oracle Sales Analyzer comes from Oracle Express Server, Oracle's industry-leading on-line analytical processing (OLAP) calculation engine and data cache. Express Server uses a multidimensional data model that reflects the way you think about your business. This multidimensional model expands the row and column approach of spreadsheets into multiple categories of data, called dimensions. Dimensions are items such as time; product, distribution channel, and geography categorize and summarize facts, like unit sales.
Express Server is optimized for query and analysis, enabling rapid execution of complex queries such as: "Who are the top ranking customers for CD players this week, through the internet, in Western Europe, compared to the same week last year?" Unlike third-party client tools, which may simply act as front-end data readers to Express, Oracle Sales Analyzer's tight integration with Express Server offers advanced multidimensional query and analysis capabilities.
Find the Right Data to Analyze: Intuitive Data Selection
The heart of Oracle Sales Analyzer is the Selector, a robust point-and-click tool for including data subsets in a report or graph. The persistent nature of queries created with the Selector allows users to hone selected data sets in an iterative fashion. Users can intuitively refine data selections in a number of ways, including:
  • Selecting levels or families in a dimension hierarchy
  • Specifying attributes, such as color or size
  • Matching character strings
  • Controlling top/bottom ranking criteria
  • Creating user-defined exception criteria
In addition, these selections can be saved and re-used each month, and in different analyses. The data-aware reports and graphs created with Oracle Sales Analyzer understand the multidimensional model. Users can navigate through their selected data quickly and easily, readily rotate and page through dimensions, and drill-down to lower levels of detail.
Technology Benefits: Flexible Data Access and Analysis
Through Express Server, Oracle Sales Analyzer provides unmatched flexibility in accessing corporate data from an enterprise data warehouse, a sales and marketing data mart, or other online transaction processing (OLTP) data sources. Oracle Sales Analyzer can access data that is cached within the Express multidimensional database for rapid analysis of historical, aggregatelevel values and calculations.
Oracle Sales Analyzer can also use the Express Relational Access Manager (RAM) to query a relational data warehouse or data mart. This provides direct access to more detailed level information. These approaches can be combined to view aggregate-level data cached within Express Server, and retrieve detail-level data from the relational data warehouse or data mart. This ability to flexibly access corporate data allows Oracle Sales Analyzer to quickly adapt to today's constantly changing corporate data storage techniques and requirements
Technology Benefits: Data Warehouse and Data Mart Ready
With its powerful multidimensional analysis capabilities, and its ability to access a variety of data sources, Oracle Sales Analyzer is uniquely suited for end-user analysis in an enterprise data warehouse or sales and marketing data mart. Oracle Sales Analyzer is fully integrated with the Oracle Data Mart Suite™ --Sales & Marketing Edition, and can also be used with a data warehouse created with the Oracle Warehouse Builder. This gives business users a choice of out-of-the-box solutions for decision support, whether at the enterprise or line-of-business level.
Oracle E-Business Suite—The Complete Solution
Oracle E-Business Suite enables companies to efficiently manage customer processes, manufacture products, ship orders, collect payments, and more—all from applications that are built on a unified information architecture. This information architecture provides a single definition of your customers, suppliers, employees, products—all aspects of your business. Whether you implement one module or the entire Suite, Oracle E-Business Suite enables you to share unified information across the enterprise so you can make smarter decisions with better information

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