Velocity for Big Data

Velocity for Big Data
"Big Data" is a term that has emerged in recent years to describe a new set of data management challenges resulting from data sets so large, diverse and complex that they defy conventional methods of data management and analysis. Add to this the constant flow of new changing data and the challenges become greater. But with these challenges come huge payoffs for organizations that are able to exploit big data more effectively than their competitors.
Velocity. Connect everything to everybody.
Some examples of big data applications include:
- Intelligence gathering and analysis
- Exploitation and fusion of geospatial, temporal and sensor data
- Marketing and sales analytics
- Operational analysis and modeling
Vivisimo, an IBM Company, has been helping leading organizations to exploit the value of extremely large and diverse data sets since before the term “big data” was coined. Our Velocity Information Optimization Platform makes this possible by providing reliable, field-proven solutions across the full big data lifecycle, including data access, transformation, indexing, search, analysis and visualization.
Velocity for Government
Governments today face increasing pressure to reduce budgets while fulfilling their missions and improving services. Like the private sector, governments are faced with growing volumes of data, but also must contend with complex regulations and stringent privacy and security rules. Add to this the need for transparency and constituencies that have become accustomed to “on-demand” information access, and government executives face a daunting set of challenges.
Fortunately, the Information Optimization Platform by Vivisimo, an IBM Company, provides capabilities that improve information access, re-use and collaboration across the full range of government activities. From internal knowledge portals that enhance agency performance to intelligence analysis, military operations and public-facing websites, Velocity helps government agencies fulfill their missions and deliver value to taxpayers.
Civilian Enterprise
Vivisimo helps civilian agencies to achieve their missions by improving access and re-use of information, as well as collaboration, for large numbers of knowledge workers. 
Vivisimo-powered public websites help government agencies to reduce costs, increase transparency and improve access to information and services.
Vivisimo helps 21st century defense agencies to improve both planning and execution through better access to information and collaboration at all levels of the command chain.
Vivisimo is helping intelligence agencies to fight “the long war” against terrorism and connect the dots by providing a single, unified view across all of their information sources, regardless of location and format.

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