Oracle Database Appliance X6-2L


The Oracle Database Appliance X6-2L is engineered as a single 2U rack-mountable server that provides the performance benefits associated with the latest generation Intel Xeon processors and NVM Express (NVMe) flash storage, making it an optimal choice for large databases and database consolidation. 

Optimized for Oracle Database - Consolidation

  • Cost-effective consolidation platform
  • Supports Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Capacity on-demand software licensing allows you to scale from 2 to 20 processor cores without incurring the costs and downtime associated with hardware upgrades
  • Supports Intel Xeon processor E5-2630 v4, providing 20 total cores in an energy-efficient, 2U footprint
  • Maximizes performance and decreases latency of database transactions utilizing Oracle’s unique NVM Express design



  • Built using the world's #1 database.

    • It integrates software, compute, storage, and network resources to deliver database services for a wide range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in-memory database, and data warehousing applications.
  • Capacity on-demand database software licensing

    • Reduces costs by enabling you to adjust your software spend as your business grows, without the need for hardware upgrades
  • Simple one-button installation, full-stack integrated patching, and diagnostics

    • Reduces planned and unplanned downtime by automatically monitoring and logging service requests with Oracle Support
  • NVMe Flash Storage

    • All Flash Storage for up to 7.6TB usable database size, optionally expandable to 11.6TB usable database size

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