Database: is the only secure object relational data management system for multimedia-rich Internet applications, high-traffic OLTP environments, and query-intensive data warehouses. Oracle Database includes the broadest array of the most valuable services in one COTS product. It significantly enhances IT operations via automation, clustering, and high availability.
Multitenant: facilitates database consolidation by enabling multiple Oracle databases to share memory and processes, dramatically reducing resource requirements and management overhead. This database option leverages a container database which acts like a database hypervisor that hosts many pluggable databases like database VMs and enables rapid relocation, provisioning, and upgrade.
Database In-Memory: transparently accelerates data warehouse performance, enabling users to get immediate answers to queries that previously took hours and speed up OLTP processes that previously were burdened by analytics indexes, which are now no longer needed.
Data Guard: protects databases from errors, corruptions, and disasters. It provides zero-data-loss synchronization of standby databases and minimizes downtime with rolling upgrades and fast failovers.
Flashback Data Archive: transparently tracks the change history for any database table

Advanced Security

Advanced Security protects sensitive data stored in the database and traveling over the network.

  • Data redaction hides sensitive data at the field level at run time. Declarative redaction policies enforced in the database kernel control obfuscation of data based on many factors, with minimal application changes.
  • Network encryption and data integrity protects networks against eavesdropping and tampering and enables the database to be FIPS 140-2 compliant.
  • Strong authentication provides secure methods for identifying users and preventing account theft with Kerberos, RADIUS, digital certificates, and PKI.
  • Transparent data encryption protects data against media theft by encrypting it on disk without changing how applications interact with the data.


Audit Vault

Audit Vault provides enterprise data surveillance that protects against internal espionage, maintains oversight of system administration, and enables security accreditors to validate the compliance of the system to security policies. Audit Vault Collection Agents continuously extract audit data from various sources within an enterprise. Providing over 250 auditing functions, Audit Vault sends alerts, detects improper access and use, generates user activity reports, and protects audit data from tampering.


Database Firewall

Database Firewall is the first line of defense for all databases. It monitors and blocks SQL traffic on the network with white list, black list and exception list policies, protects against application bypass, SQL injection and similar threats, and reports on database activity. Oracle Database Firewall is easy to deploy, requiring no changes to existing applications or databases.


Database Vault

Database Vault is state-of-the-art access control that provides a highly configurable and multi-factored approach to database security. Rules restrict data access by using a variety of system variables such as time of day, client application, or network. Realms strictly enforce separation of duties by dividing and limiting the responsibilities and permissions granted to database and security administrators. With Database Vault, Oracle’s Cross Domain Security Solution facilitates DCID 6/3 Protection Level 4 accreditation.


Label Security (OLS)

OLS meets regulatory compliance challenges by protecting access to sensitive data such as personal identity information, medical records, and national security data. OLS can store data of multiple levels of sensitivity in a single table. With data sensitivity labels such as “Top Secret:US:A” and “Confidential:NOFORN:C”, it controls access to information based on the user’s clearance level, accesses, and need-to-know. Enforcing mandatory access controls (MAC), it has passed the ISO 15408 Common Criteria EAL4+ evaluation.



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