Enterprise Management: is a complete and integrated enterprise IT management solution that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and supporting enterprise clouds and traditional Oracle IT environments from applications to disk.
Cloud Management Pack: for Oracle Database is Oracle premiere cloud management solution. Providing complete visibility of the physical and virtual infrastructure from applications to disk, it enables cloud administrators to set up pooled resources and define a services catalog.
Tuning Pack: dramatically boosts the performance of an Oracle system. Based on workloads and metrics, it generates recommendations that optimize storage, index, and schema configurations.
Diagnostics Pack: embeds the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor into the database. It deftly monitors health, automatically identifies performance bottlenecks, proactively provides alerts and event notification, and intelligently recommends corrective actions.
Database Lifecycle Management Pack: administers the complete lifecycle of an organization databases. It starts with non-intrusive agent-less discovery and tracking of hardware and software assets. It includes database provisioning as well as management of schema changes, patches, and upgrades.

Application Replay Pack

Application Replay Pack enables realistic testing of changes to any part of the application stack from application server down to disk by first capturing the production workload as generated by the Web application at the production site with zero overhead. The captured application workload is then moved to the test environment, where the replay infrastructure reproduces the workload with the exact timing, concurrency, and transaction characteristics of the original workload. Extensive performance and correctness data from all layers of the stack is collected and reported. Reducing the cost of testing by 80%, it eliminates the need to develop simulation workloads or scripts.


Cloud Management Pack for Testing

Cloud Management Pack for Testing manages private testing clouds for delivering software testing services. With flexible self-service, resource control and metering, and chargeback, it provides users with assembly provisioning on Oracle VM infrastructure, test environment and test driver provisioning, and test script execution.


Functional Testing

Functional Testing provides the easiest and fastest way to create automated scripts that simulate complex Web transactions. For both functional and load tests, users can build Web application test scripts simply by pointing and clicking. Further, they can create tests for .NET and J2EE Web applications as well as Web services and emerging Web technologies such as Ajax. Additionally, Testing Accelerators provide complete and out-of-the-box testing solutions for various applications.


Load Testing

Load Testing easily yet rigorously stress tests the performance and scalability of Web applications and Web services. It simulates thousands of virtual users accessing the application simultaneously and measures the effect of the workloads on performance. Additionally, Testing Accelerators provide complete and out -of-the box testing solutions for various applications.


Oracle Real Application Testing

Real Application Testing provides rapid evaluation and adoption of system enhancements and updates while eliminating change-related risks. Database Replay comprehensively records and replays actual production workload, including timing, concurrency, and transaction characteristics for test systems. No coding of unrealistic simulation scripts is necessary. SQL Performance Analyzer performs in-depth impact analysis and assesses outcomes of changes on SQL queries.


Test Manager

Test Manager manages the entire Web application testing process. Users define testing requirements, specify and execute tests to validate those requirements, and then manage the defects that those tests reveal. By coordinating the testing process in a single, unified platform, Oracle Test Manager synchronizes with third party test automation tools and provides a comprehensive way to manage quality as a process throughout the Web application development lifecycle.



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