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”Anytime, anywhere, on any device” information rich communications are creating unprecedented growth opportunities. Yet new service proliferation and deregulation are putting extreme pressures on pricing, quality, and speed like never before. 


Winning in the new communications industry will require more than cutting CapEx and OpEx. Whether you are an ILEC, IXC, CLEC, or a cable or wireless provider, becoming a customer focused lean operator is critical to surviving the torrent of competitive pressures and delivering solid revenue and customer growth, and earnings per share. 


Noronesc provides applications and technology solutions to the communications industry, enabling the transformation from network-centric to “customer focused lean operator” to maximize the customer experience, while driving an ultra low and highly scalable cost base. 



Key Features


Noronesc offers the industry complete, integrated solutions for the customer focused lean operator - consisting of industry-leading applications running on high-performing, scalable Oracle technology - to enable new generation strategies. Specifically, Noronesc uniquely offers:


  • Enterprise Customer Hub for Communications, providing real-time, 360 access to:
    • Comprehensive customer/supplier profiles for B2C, B2B, or mixed models
    • Single communications product and service catalog
    • Accurate customer inventory or “what the customer is currently has”
    • Complete network inventory from core to access
    • End-to-end financial accounting
  • Best-of-suite for Communications industry for transforming customer sales & service, order management & provisioning, and network asset management through best practice business flows, most comprehensive integration, and industry leading workflow.
  • MACD (Move, Add, Change, Disconnect) functionality: extended order mgt capability is a comprehensive MACD solution enabling CSPs to replace some/ all existing disparate ordering systems.
  • Built-in, Real-time business intelligence across key operations as customer sales & service, order management & provisioning, and network asset management.
  • The worlds best Grid computing technology for modularizing and converging standards-based carrier grade networking platforms.




Streamline Multi-Channel Order Management

  • Noronesc enables communications service providers to integrate sales proposals and order capture across channels and products, automate the end-to-end communications service ordering and provisioning process, resulting in reduced order fall out, increased revenue assurance, and improved customer experience.
  • First multi-channel, fully-linked software solution: Noronesc provides a converged software solution that enables a multi-channel (direct, online, call center, wireless, partner), single communications service ordering process providing both customer facing order capture, back-end provisioning logic, supply chain management and synchronization to 3rd party billing systems.
  • Complex Communications Ordering: Noronesc has a robust MACD (move, add, change, disconnect) capability built into its Communications Service Ordering software solution. Noroensc can handle the industry’s most complex technical, commercial (i.e., bundling, pricing discounts) and even legal rules for services, enabling strict enforcement throughout the process for new orders as well as reconfiguring all or a part of existing services.
  • Communication Service Ordering Architecture (built into Customer Hub for Communications) manages all information to enable the end-to-end Communications Service Order process in a single data model and is architected into our Information Model. In short, CSOA as part of this Information Model provides you with most robust and comprehensive architecture.


Maximize Customer Insight for Business or Consumer

  • Based upon superior e-business solutions capabilities, Customer Insight solution can help communications service providers to gain a true 360 degree view (not replication), consolidate to a single database while protecting system investments, and more effectively improve customer insight and sales channel coordination, resulting in improved customer acquisition, more effective cross/upsell, superior customer experience, and increased customer retention
  • Customer Data Hub: The industry’s most complete and flexible enterprise customer data model that can easily handle the most complex customer relationships through a true 360 degree view (not replication), consolidated to a single database while protecting 3rd party system investments,
  • Communications Customer Data Management Architecture: manages all customer information to consolidate, cleanse, and synchronize to Customer Data Hub.
  • Integrated best-of-suite “Converged” software solution: Enables a multi-channel, single communications campaign to order process


Improve Customer Care

  • Customer Care solution automates the call to resolution process, resulting in reduced call resolution time, improved customer experience and improved employee productivity.
  • Certified by the ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library for IT Service Management): Built to optimize customer-facing interactions, it is pre-integrated with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), trouble ticket management capabilities and third-party billing systems.
  • Fewer integration points: A suite-based contact center application that truly offers a 360 degree view of customers for marketing, sales and service activities.


Drive Comprehensive Network Asset Management

  • Network Inventory Management solution enables communications service providers to integrate physical network inventory, purchasing, project and financial compliance reporting, automating the end-to-end network lifecycle management process from “cradle-to-grave,” resulting in better financial accuracy and regulatory compliance, reduced CapEx and excess inventory, more proactive and efficient network maintenance
  • Integrated best-of-suite “Converged” software solution: Noronesc has a fully integrated suite providing complete network lifecycle management visibility from procurement, project and maintenance, and financial. Pre-built integration and supported workflow between asset management, purchasing, inventory, and financial systems enables real-time and accurate visibility of physical asset data with financial data.
  • Network Lifecycle Management Architecture: Manages all information to enable the end-to-end Network Lifecycle Management process in a single data model and is architected into our Information Model. Includes all critical operational and financial information such as network ownership, physical location, operational status/condition/costs and all financial compliance information. 


Accelerate Personalized Digital Content Management and Service Delivery

  • DCSD enables the content and service provider to rapidly implement the next generation Digital Content Supermarket. Based upon superior software, and a personalized Digital Content and Service Delivery solution enables communications service providers to more efficiently develop, manage, and deliver personalized content and offers, consolidate to a single view for the user, resulting in improved customer acquisition, increased Average Revenue per User (ARPU), superior customer experience, and boosted customer retention.
  • First single-vendor complete platform for digital content supermarkets: A` complete solution to store, manage, and retrieve digital content to support editorial workflow and content repurposing, a core requirement for key content partners.
  • Real-time recommendation engine: Real-time analytics and decisioning capability which dynamically serves personalized recommendations to the right customer at the right time
  • Complete content lifecycle workflow management: Ability to provide integrated content management, from third-party content providers through to subscribers


Carrier Grade Framework 

  • Based upon Oracle’s leading data base technology, Carrier Grade Framework solution can help communications service providers and network equipment manufacturers drive the standards-based modularization of the communications platform that enable efficiencies through the entire value chain including solution flexibility, faster time-to-market, reduced cost, and improved customer experience.
  • Carrier Grade Architecture (CGA) – A carrier grade modular architecture that combines Oracle’s leading edge Real Application Cluster (RAC) and DataGuard technology to enable with scalable Carrier Grade High Availability.
  • Oracle RAC : Oracle’s foundation for Grid Computing, allows Oracle Database to run any packaged or custom application unchanged across multiple clustered server nodes.
  • Oracle DataGuard: Automates the creation and maintenance of standby databases, enabling zero data loss and carrier grade availability in the event of planned or unplanned outages.



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