NORONESC is an IT consultancy firm, founded in 1997, with the aim to support in the definition, implementation and integration of technological and enterprise business solutions, cloud and platform services from Oracle.
Headquartered in Portugal, NORONESC is a services delivery organization supporting customers with Oracle Certified Professional experts in Oracle technologies and applications.
Noronesc offers a complete, integrated cloud or on-premises infrastructure that helps you deploy systems, software and hardware solutions faster, while lowering your cost of computing, with integration built-in to help you focus more on innovation.
Noronesc services include Support, Consulting, Systems Integration, Cloud, Platform and Digital Services, using the best technology for Big Data, Internet of Things, Digital Communication, Social Networking, Mobile and Cloud Computing.

NORONESC supports Via Appia in the sponsorship of the congress of BAD Association.

Noronesc is master partner in Portugal and Spain of Via Appia, a Brazilian company, that develops intelligent solutions in the fields of science and Information Technology, particularly with regard to enterprise search, context intelligent search, taxonomies management systems, thesauri and ontologies for advanced indexing, also oriented to semantics research based primarily on concepts and contexts.


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