Database: is the only secure object relational data management system for multimedia-rich Internet applications, high-traffic OLTP environments, and query-intensive data warehouses. Oracle Database includes the broadest array of the most valuable services in one COTS product. It significantly enhances IT operations via automation, clustering, and high availability.
Multitenant: facilitates database consolidation by enabling multiple Oracle databases to share memory and processes, dramatically reducing resource requirements and management overhead. This database option leverages a container database which acts like a database hypervisor that hosts many pluggable databases like database VMs and enables rapid relocation, provisioning, and upgrade.
Database In-Memory: transparently accelerates data warehouse performance, enabling users to get immediate answers to queries that previously took hours and speed up OLTP processes that previously were burdened by analytics indexes, which are now no longer needed.
Data Guard: protects databases from errors, corruptions, and disasters. It provides zero-data-loss synchronization of standby databases and minimizes downtime with rolling upgrades and fast failovers.
Flashback Data Archive: transparently tracks the change history for any database table

Database Gateways

Gateways integrate various heterogeneous data sources. They provide data type and SQL translation and optimization, as well as transaction coordination so Oracle can seamlessly collaborate with non-Oracle systems. Gateways are specifically coded to the non Oracle systems’ native interfaces to provide better performance and communication. They integrate message queuing systems like WebSphere MQ, data stores like Sybase and Teradata, and transaction managers like CICS.



GoldenGate provides real-time data capture and distribution between heterogeneous data systems via optimized adapters. It flexibly supports many topologies such as one-to-many, many-to-many, cascading, and bidirectional data replication. With a log-based change data capture process, compression and encryption capabilities, and ETL and JMS integration, GoldenGate enables low-impact data integration and continuous availability solutions. Use cases include: synchronizing changes and resolving conflicts between multiple active databases for disaster recovery; enabling zero-downtime migrations to new systems while ensuring transactional integrity with legacy systems; and offloading queries from OLTP systems on to business intelligence servers.


GoldenGate Veridata

GoldenGate Veridata validates data consistency and facilitates rapid data discrepancy detection and resolution across heterogeneous data sources. With patent-pending technology, it provides high-speed data comparison across dynamic and large volumes of data without impacting the system and network


Data Integrator Enterprise Edition

Data Integrator delivers high performance data movement and transformation for heterogeneous data sources including Big Data for all data integration needs—from event-driven, trickle-feed SOA processes to high-volume, high-performance batches. ELT transforms data inside the source or target database without an ETL server. The result is higher performance. Further, an easy-to-use user interface and extensible knowledge modules and adapters enable rapid deployment of data flow and integration processes.


Enterprise Data Quality

Enterprise Data Quality analyzes, improves, protects and governs data quality. It combines powerful data profiling, cleansing, matching, merging and monitoring functions. Enterprise Data Quality facilitates best practices for master data management, business intelligence, data integration and migration with the following components:

  • Address Verification Server for Oracle Data Integration standardizes address formats, checks them, performs partial address completion, and generates geocodes.
  • Batch and Real-Time Processing for Oracle Data Integration provide data parsing, transformation and standardization functions via a simple GUI. Via a real-time Web service, these functions can be leveraged in data transfer, migration, or replication processes.
  • Audit and Dashboard for Data Integration monitors and displays key quality metrics and trends.
  • Profiling for Oracle Data Integration helps users understand data quality issues and build data quality rules for defect prevention and remediation. Systematic audit reviews detect key quality metrics, missing data, incorrect values, duplicate records, and inconsistencies.


Enterprise Metadata Manager

OEMM makes all of an organization's data universally usable by defining each data element's significance, meaning, and relationship with other data. OEMM extracts metadata from a variety of technologies such as data/object modeling tools, databases, Hadoop, BI, ETL engines, and EAI environments. Its advanced algorithms link all the metadata so end users have a holistic view as they explore across various data repositories. Administrators track data flow and lineage, perform impact analysis and governance, and version and compare metadata models. Data librarians and analysts leverage OEMM's business glossary, as well as annotation, tagging, and semantic definition, to link business-friendly terminology and useful comments to the metadata.



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