Fusion Middleware is a comprehensive and unified middleware platform that includes products such as WebCenter, Business Intelligence, Content Management, and WebLogic Server. It powers many solutions such as Java, identity management, service oriented architecture, and data integration. These hotpluggable services and solutions share a common Grid infrastructure, enabling them to be deployed independently, integrated, or distributed in a cluster of servers for industry-leading performance, scalability, and reliability.
WebCenter connects applications, information and people by weaving together the most complete and open portfolio of portal, Web experience management, social and collaboration technologies, structured and unstructured content into a single, integrated suite. Channeling the right information in the context of the business process in which users are engaged, WebCenter creates intuitive portals, composite applications, and mash-ups that seamlessly interoperate with business applications.
WebCenter Content unifies document, digital asset, Web content, and records management. A single-architecture approach allows all content-documents, Web pages, imagery, email and records to be accessed via common interfaces and desktop tools, improving ease of use, sharing, searching, and compliance.
Data Integrator: Data Services are feature-rich, virtual views built across federated and heterogeneous data sources such as semi-structured sources, relational databases, and Web services. They simplify and mediate bidirectional data access and updates for business processes, portals, and applications.
WebLogic Server is the cornerstone application server and Java runtime platform implementing the Java EE specification and Web Services standards. It provides industry-leading performance and scalability through state-of-the-art clustering, built-in software load balancing, server self-monitoring, overload protection, and GridLink for Oracle RAC.

Authentication Services for Operating Systems

Authentication Services centralizes management of Unix and Linux authentication, user accounts, password policies, and Sudo authorization policies using Oracle Internet Directory. It automates client configuration and user migration through open standards such as Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM).


Unified Directory

Unified Directory is the next generation and fully Java based directory solution with storage, proxy, synchronization and virtualization capabilities. Oracle Unified Directory ensures scalability to billions of entries, ease of installation, elastic deployments, enterprise manageability and effective monitoring for high performance and carrier-grade environments. It offers 99.999% high availability while performing over 100K operations per second. It also supports directory synchronization for identity and password unification and flexible replication Services, and many extensions beyond LDAP v3.


Directory Server Enterprise Edition

Directory Server is the market leading LDAP directory server that provides identity virtualization, storage, and synchronization services for heterogeneous enterprise environments. The core directory service includes a high performance embedded database, directory proxy for load balancing and high availability, synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle Internet Directory, and a Web console to manage your software all in one package.


Virtual Directory

Virtual Directory presents a consolidated view of identity information without synchronizing or moving data from the native user repositories. It also provides industry standard Web service and LDAP interfaces for applications, as well as pre-built adapters to connect to user directories, databases, and other identity services.


Internet Directory

Internet Directory is an LDAP directory that leverages the high reliability and performance of the Oracle Database. It centrally manages user accounts and privileges across systems. It also provides hierarchical delegation of administration, single sign-on for Oracle, and synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory and Oracle Directory Server.



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