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Content Management Solution unifies document, digital asset, Web content, and records management. A single-architecture approach allows all content, documents, Web pages, imagery, email and records to be accessed via common interfaces and desktop tools, improving ease of use, sharing, searching, and compliance.
Web Experience Solution enables organizations to deliver a compelling digital experience to customers by deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging Websites across digital channels. This management solution automates the entire process of managing the Web including business-user content authoring, delivery of high-scale dynamic sites, content targeting and optimization, user generated content, social networking integration, end-user personalization, and mobile Web delivery.
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The Library-in-a-box is a complete hardware and software system for Library Management, developed in Web 2.0 architecture. With its innovative software technology CHRONUSWEB®, is the most modern system for Library, Documentation and Information Centers. CHRONUSWEB® uses the latest technologies in the world and follows the international standards of contents for the web.

Includes TheXML®, a profiling tool and maintenance of monolingual thesauri, multilingual, poly-hierarchical taxonomies (flat, hierarchical, network, or faceted thesaurus), controlled vocabularies with different levels of complexity, thesauri and ontologies, that enables the generation of alphabetic and systematic reports, with full user customization, and integration with leading search tools. This ensures a unique search experience. Its interface was planned according to the major world usability practices, Web 2.0 oriented.

It is one of the best and most important Thesaurus management tool in the world. TheXML® follows the ISO 2788, 5964 and 25964-1 standards. In addition, the user has the flexibility and freedom to create other terminologies, using any other standards. It is the result of over 20 years of experience on Information Science.


Machine Specifications

Basic Software Resources

  • Appliance Operating System (Search-in-a-box OS)
  • IBM InfoSphere Data Explorer 8.2
  • Via Appia TheXML 2.1

Optional Software Resources

  • IBM InfoSphere Streams
  • IBM InfoSphere Big Insights

Hardware Resources

  • Cabinet for 2U rack
  • HD SATA 2TB 7200RPM in RAID 1 or 4TB simple
  • Processor: Intel Xeon
  • Redundant power source

  • HD 16TB in RAID 1 or 32 TB simple
  • Possibility of adding an aditional processor
  • For other configurations or distributed processing it's possible to connect to multiple appliances

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