Enterprise Management: is a complete and integrated enterprise IT management solution that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and supporting enterprise clouds and traditional Oracle IT environments from applications to disk.
Cloud Management Pack: for Oracle Database is Oracle premiere cloud management solution. Providing complete visibility of the physical and virtual infrastructure from applications to disk, it enables cloud administrators to set up pooled resources and define a services catalog.
Tuning Pack: dramatically boosts the performance of an Oracle system. Based on workloads and metrics, it generates recommendations that optimize storage, index, and schema configurations.
Diagnostics Pack: embeds the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor into the database. It deftly monitors health, automatically identifies performance bottlenecks, proactively provides alerts and event notification, and intelligently recommends corrective actions.
Database Lifecycle Management Pack: administers the complete lifecycle of an organization databases. It starts with non-intrusive agent-less discovery and tracking of hardware and software assets. It includes database provisioning as well as management of schema changes, patches, and upgrades.

Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Fusion Middleware

Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Fusion Middleware provides end-to-end lifecycle management for Platform as a Service clouds and application to disk monitoring for the cloud environment. It enables cloud administrators to monitor and optimize the utilization of cloud resources from a single console in real time. The pack empowers administrators with fine-grained access management, quota management, resource and workload management. It also provides users with a self-service portal and cloud availability and SLAs. The Cloud Management Pack includes capacity planning, metering, and chargeback as well as extensibility via an API and CLI.


Management Pack for Non Oracle Middleware

Management Pack for Non Oracle Middleware is the most comprehensive management pack for monitoring Java applications running in any application server. It provides administrators everything from wizard-driven discovery which provides high-level JMX metrics out of the box to deep dive Java Virtual Machine diagnostics. The pack provides real -time visibility at all levels within the middleware stack from the front-end requests to the calls to the back-end database, instrumented with root cause analysis, trending analysis, configuration change tracking, and service level monitoring dashboards.


Management Pack for Oracle Coherence

Coherence Pack simplifies the management of your Oracle Coherence clusters with event management, deployment automation, configuration management, and lifecycle management. It also provides a rich set of charts and metrics on usage, performance, and throughput for all the caches and services defined in a cluster. It can send email or SNMP alerts when thresholds are exceeded.


Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator

Management Pack for Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) provides a consolidated view of a customer's ODI infrastructure enabling users to monitor and manage all their components centrally from Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control. It discovers and models dependencies between ODI and various components such as databases or other Oracle Fusion Middleware products, as well as tracks configuration changes. The management pack also traces end-to-end ODI session activity, displays real-time and historical execution statistics for ODI processes, drills-down into ODI tasks, and sends alerts and notifications.


Management Pack for Oracle WebCenter

Management Pack for WebCenter is a dynamic, customizable service-level dashboard that provides comprehensive visibility of the many layers of Enterprise 2.0 composite portal and J2EE applications. Automatically correlating the underlying code components and collecting metrics for end-user functions, it offers a non-intrusive, 24/7 application performance management solution.


Business Intelligence (BI) Management Pack

BI Management Pack is an integrated solution for ensuring the performance and availability of applications built with Oracle Business Intelligence tools. Using the pack, administrators get proactive alerts on potential problems, examine run-time metrics to troubleshoot and tune performance, and track configuration changes.


Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate

Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate is an intuitive graphical interface for designing, configuring, managing, monitoring, and reporting on the GoldenGate components implemented across an organization. A centralized repository maintains information about the GoldenGate environment, including security settings, event logs, lag time, records processing, and many statistics.


SOA Management Pack

SOA Management Pack is a centralized management console for the SOA environment. Via dashboards, administrators view service levels and drill down into Web services, SOA composites, and SOA infrastructure components. Automatically discovering and mapping business transactions and service dependencies, it streamlines the correlation of events and activities across SOA components to resolve issues. The pack also includes configuration management and deployment automation of BPEL and service bus projects, Web service testing and synthetic transaction monitoring, and security policy authoring and monitoring.


Real User Experience Insight

Real User Experience Insight reveals the most complete picture for a true all-around analysis of a user’s experience. It integrates performance analysis and usage analysis while correlating application server and network metrics. Its passive monitoring capability is built using state of the art Network Protocol Analysis technology that does not require any modification to user applications. Additionally, Insight Accelerators provide complete and out-of-the-box real-user monitoring solutions for Oracle Applications.


WebLogic Server Management Pack

Management Pack for WebLogic adds management features such as transaction tracing across multi-tier environments, in-depth dependency and performance diagnostics of Java and Web Services applications, lifecycle management, and provisioning and patching across multiple Fusion Middleware Farms, WebLogic Domains, GlassFish Domains, and Oracle Coherence.


Management Pack Plus for Oracle Identity Management

Identity Management Pack improves performance and availability, and reduces the cost and complexity of managing the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite. With it, administrators proactively monitor Identity services and underlying infrastructure components such as application servers, databases, and hosts. It can also diagnose the root cause of performance and availability problems by correlating high-level identity service performance metrics with the metrics of underlying infrastructure components.



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