Oracle NetSuite offers a choice of the best-in class cloud application modules that streamline and modernize all business operations for a variety of industries while reducing the expense of front and back office functions. Based on a wealth of industry-specific experience and functional best practices, Oracle NetSuite tailors its applications to the unique challenges and goals that drive each organization.
NetSuite is a fully integrated and comprehensive set of modules for enterprises of all sizes. Whether organizations implement one module or the complete suite, NetSuite provides the best information for effective decision-making. NetSuite provides a complete view of the entire business across departments.
SCM apply controls demand-driven manufacturing and distribution by integrating and automating fulfillment, logistics, maintenance, and order management. Strategically building relationships and extending processes to suppliers, customers, and partners, SCM models sophisticated supply chain flows that factor in any supply/demand constraints. Then it leverages analytics to optimize supply chain performance, reduce costs of goods, and improve productivity.
Customer Experience helps brands enhances relationships with consumers by enabling them to interact when, where and how they want to. Giving customers a rich online experience, it enables them to research, purchase, or resolve issues from anywhere, even into social networks. Customer Experience also empowers marketing and customer service agents with personalized communications, real-time actionable insights, and integrated analytics.

Data Hubs

Data Hubs synchronize, de-duplicate, enrich, and unify enterprises’ heterogeneous applications. Managing master data, Data Hubs provide a real-time, consistent, single source of truth that ensures the highest data quality across all enterprise applications. Oracle’s hubs include: Customer Hub, Financials Accounting Hub, Life Sciences Data Hub, Higher Education Constituent Hub, Product Hub, and Site Hub.


Oracle Data Models for Airline, Communications and Retail

Data Models are extendable, standards-based data models that combine industry application knowledge with the power of Oracle‘s Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform, enabling customers to discover insightful, actionable information from their data. This pre built, pre-tested solution with data mining, dimensional models and OLAP designed by industry experts, enables rapid implementation of effective data warehouses.


Oracle Tutor and User Productivity Kit (UPK)

Tutor and UPK are process documentation and productivity tools. With complete process document sets that describe operations, role-based tasks, and detailed application transaction steps, it provides employees with interactive training simulators and online manuals they need to perform their jobs accurately and efficiently.


Application Integration Architecture (AIA)

AIA enables customers to use applications of their choice to create unique composite business processes on a flexible and open service-oriented architecture. Reducing risks and costs, it jump-starts the integration of business processes from Oracle, non-Oracle, and custom applications. AIA is comprised of three key components:

  • Foundation Pack utilizes Oracle’s methodology, tools, and services to create or extend integrated processes.
  • Industry Reference Models optimize business processes through documented industry best practices.
  • Process Integration Packs leverage pre-built integrations between Oracle Applications to reduce risk and cost.


Oracle Master Data Management (MDM)

MDM is designed to consolidate, cleanse, and enrich key business data from across the enterprise, and synchronize it with all applications, business processes, and analytical tools. It includes predefined extensible data models and access methods with powerful applications to centrally manage the quality and lifecycle of master business data. MDM includes many data quality functions that can, for example, eliminate duplicate data while insuring correct data attribute survivorship. This results in significant improvements in operational efficiency, reporting, and fact based decision-making. When you have many siloed applications and points of data entry, you need a single view of the enterprise that is accurate, fully cross referenced, and real -time. MDM is application neutral, yet supports OLTP workloads and directly connected applications.



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