Enterprise Management: is a complete and integrated enterprise IT management solution that dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and supporting enterprise clouds and traditional Oracle IT environments from applications to disk.
Cloud Management Pack: for Oracle Database is Oracle premiere cloud management solution. Providing complete visibility of the physical and virtual infrastructure from applications to disk, it enables cloud administrators to set up pooled resources and define a services catalog.
Tuning Pack: dramatically boosts the performance of an Oracle system. Based on workloads and metrics, it generates recommendations that optimize storage, index, and schema configurations.
Diagnostics Pack: embeds the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor into the database. It deftly monitors health, automatically identifies performance bottlenecks, proactively provides alerts and event notification, and intelligently recommends corrective actions.
Database Lifecycle Management Pack: administers the complete lifecycle of an organization databases. It starts with non-intrusive agent-less discovery and tracking of hardware and software assets. It includes database provisioning as well as management of schema changes, patches, and upgrades.

Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Ops Center creates and manages enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds for customers utilizing Oracle SPARC and X86 servers, Solaris and Linux, Infiniband and Ethernet switches, Oracle VM, Solaris containers and clusters, ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle engineered systems, and more. From a unified console, it provides a comprehensive solution to provision virtual machines, turn bare-metal to cloud in minutes, pool resources and allocate services using user-defined policies. Ops Center automatically discovers and introspects hardware components and shows administrators the topology of the IT infrastructure so that it can perform dependency analyses and manage the configuration and updates of each component's operating system, firmware and BIOS. It also offers hardware fault analysis, performance management with advanced diagnostics tools such as Dtrace, automatically generates service requests, energy management, configuration and compliance reporting, and more.


Management Connectors

Management Connectors provide a standards based framework to easily integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager with third party management products such as Remedy, CA Service Desk, HP Service Manager and Operations Manager, Tivoli, and Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager. The integration enables collaborative management and bi-directional information exchange of deployment and run-time events.


System Monitoring Plug-ins

System Monitoring Plug-ins for Hosts, Network  Devices, Storage, non-Oracle Databases, and non Oracle Middleware comprehensively collect availability and performance metrics, generate system reports and notifications, and manage events and thresholds for most of the hardware and software components in an enterprise. With over 30 plug-ins and more coming, the benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager’s monitoring capabilities extend to non-Oracle components such as EMC Celerra, IBM DB2, JBoss Application Server, Entuity EYE Network Management, and more. Administrators can now correlate and troubleshoot problems across heterogeneous products.



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