Database: is the only secure object relational data management system for multimedia-rich Internet applications, high-traffic OLTP environments, and query-intensive data warehouses. Oracle Database includes the broadest array of the most valuable services in one COTS product. It significantly enhances IT operations via automation, clustering, and high availability.
Multitenant: facilitates database consolidation by enabling multiple Oracle databases to share memory and processes, dramatically reducing resource requirements and management overhead. This database option leverages a container database which acts like a database hypervisor that hosts many pluggable databases like database VMs and enables rapid relocation, provisioning, and upgrade.
Database In-Memory: transparently accelerates data warehouse performance, enabling users to get immediate answers to queries that previously took hours and speed up OLTP processes that previously were burdened by analytics indexes, which are now no longer needed.
Data Guard: protects databases from errors, corruptions, and disasters. It provides zero-data-loss synchronization of standby databases and minimizes downtime with rolling upgrades and fast failovers.
Flashback Data Archive: transparently tracks the change history for any database table


Clusterware ensures availability for all applications by restarting or failing them over to other servers when there is a process or node failure. This complete and integrated cluster management solution, available on all platforms, includes cluster connectivity, messaging, locking, cluster control and recovery, and service provisioning.


Data Guard

Data Guard protects databases from errors, corruptions, and disasters. It provides zero-data-loss synchronization of standby databases and minimizes downtime with rolling upgrades and fast failovers.

  • Active Data Guard synchronizes changes for all data types even across long distances via a repeater-like capability. It offloads incremental backups and real-time queries to physical standby databases. It globally extends a database service across a replicated configuration of Oracle RAC, Active Data Guard, and GoldenGate for load balancing and high availability.
  • Snapshot Standby doubles the ROI of standby databases by using them for temporary read-write tests.


Real Application Clusters (RAC)

RAC is a shared disk, cache, and compute architecture that creates the equivalent of a large computer with smaller servers. All servers share the same disk so they see all the data all the time. RAC has three major benefits: 1) Scalability beyond one server and increased parallelism, 2) Availability (4-5 9’s) - even if multiple nodes fail, the database remains up on all the remaining nodes, 3) Quality of service - RAC can expand, contract, and relocate work as the database is running, even do rolling upgrades. RAC also fails over queries and replays failed transactions on the fly to provide application continuity.


Real Application Clusters (RAC) One Node

RAC One Node is a one-node version of Oracle RAC. It enables you to consolidate several single-instance databases into a single cluster while providing the high availability benefits of failover protection, rolling upgrades, and Omotion—online instance migration between servers for workload management.


Real Application Testing

Real Application Testing provides rapid evaluation and adoption of system enhancements and updates while eliminating change-related risks. Database Replay comprehensively records and replays actual production workload, including timing, concurrency, and transaction characteristics to thoroughly test the impacts of any upgrades or changes before they are performed on production systems. No coding of unrealistic simulation scripts is necessary. SQL Performance Analyzer performs in-depth impact analysis and assesses outcomes of changes on SQL queries.


Secure Backup

Secure Backup inexpensively manages backups for any data center with heterogeneous systems. It is the fastest solution that both protects file systems and Oracle Databases, and supports various types of tape drives—all this while providing a fully secure backup platform with policies, access control, rules, secure transmission, and encrypted database backups.



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