Noronesc ERP solutions are proven, trusted foundations for your core business operations. Whether you need a fully integrated suite or best-in-class modules, Noronesc delivers cloud ERP solutions designed for growing enterprises.
Noronesc Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions help organizations of all sizes thrive by enabling them to discover new ways to strategize, plan, optimize business operations, and capture new market opportunities. We deliver complete and integrated solutions that let customers gain insight into every aspect of their business, plan ahead, and act with confidence-anytime, anywhere, on any device.
Content Management Solution unifies document, digital asset, Web content, and records management. A single-architecture approach allows all content, documents, Web pages, imagery, email and records to be accessed via common interfaces and desktop tools, improving ease of use, sharing, searching, and compliance.
Web Experience Solution enables organizations to deliver a compelling digital experience to customers by deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging Websites across digital channels. This management solution automates the entire process of managing the Web including business-user content authoring, delivery of high-scale dynamic sites, content targeting and optimization, user generated content, social networking integration, end-user personalization, and mobile Web delivery.
Noronesc Technology Solutions are purpose-built hardware and software pre-assembled and supported as a single system. Building every component in the technology stack, Noronesc can optimize complete systems from the ground up to provide the lowest TCO, easiest deployment and maintenance, and fastest performance for the services they were engineered for.
Noronesc delivers a comprehensive set of software and hardware integrated solutions, applications and Industry-focused solutions, with rapid implementation tools, integrated cloud or on-premises infrastructure, so that our customers can maximize their budgets and achieve real business value quickly. Noronesc Applications are powerful, easy-to-use rapid implementation solutions that address the specific requirements of fast-growing companies with limited budgets, bringing proven, best-in-class business flows to reduce the time and costs of implementing enterprise-wide solutions.



With the industry getting more and more competitive, retailers are looking to find ways to differentiate and become operationally efficient. Oracle's retail solutions provide a complete performance manage-ment foundation that enables you to:

  • Attract and Retain Targeted Customers - Complete customer information, targeted marketing, tailored service;
  • Increase Employee Empowerment & Productivity - Comprehensive employee lifecycle mgmt including workforce development;
  • Optimize Facilities and Real Estate Investments - Comprehensive real estate, facilities, and project management;
  • Increase Enterprise Visibility, Control, and Efficiency - Enterprise data consolidation, auditable internal processes & controls;
  • Leverage an Integrated, Consolidated Info Infrastructure - Extensible integration platform for business processes & key reference data.


Oracle has the solutions to support retailers for:

  • Infrastructure Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Workforce Lifecycle Management
  • Real Estate Management
  • Customer Lifecycle Management
  • Vendor Management


Oracle’s retail solutions support best practices for building your next winning strategy – with optimal solutions for retailers that help drive top-line performance by improving resource utilization and operat-ing margins. In the face of today’s many challenges, look to Oracle’s integrated solutions to help make yours an innovative, consumer-driven, winning organization. 


Key Features


Operational Excellence

  • Integrated
  • Improves overall access, timeliness and delivery of information.
  • Share information across the organization, better ensuring that all touch points have the same data.
  • Intelligence – consistently capture information and leverage it to improve decision-making.


Associate Optimization

  • Centralized access to best-practice tools and information to optimize and empower customer-facing associates.
  • Same information in all systems ensuring all touch points have the same data, for less data entry, and cost reduction due to elimination of erroneous information.
  • “Built-in” Intelligence improves decision-making, at all levels.


Precision Marketing

  • Integrated, Internet-architected capabilities enable true customer life-cycle management to the hands of the retailer.
  • Oracle’s exclusive TCA/Trading Community Architecture provides a 360 view of the customer – regardless of how she chooses to enter the retailer’s enterprise (brick & mortar, Web, phone, FAX).
  • Built on the Oracle 9i/9iAS architecture, we deliver a robust and fault tolerant offering capable of delivering a real multi-channel experience – enhanced with RAC/Real Applications Clusters.
  • Built-in Business Intelligence enables unique, transaction processing, analytics, and closed-loop transaction automation unavailable from any competitor.



Operational Excellence

  • Timely & accurate access to financial information for proactive analysis resulting in cycletime & cost reduction.
  • View, access & analysis product/vendor data for better pricing, more timely execution, improved margins.
  • Reduce costs & maximize the value of retail Real Estate portfolios.


Associate Optimization

  • Reduce employee turnover & associated costs including shrink (merchandise theft).
  • Improve quality of new-hires for improved customer service, sales & marketshare.
  • Empower associates to deliver customer service levels tied to corporate strategy.
  • Reduce costs associated with employee life-cycle maintenance - i.e., ss benefits.
  • Standardize measurements/review process increases productivity/revenue generation.
  • In-store web-browser training improves customer service, sales & marketshare.


Precision Marketing

  • Real-time access and visibility to customer information enables focused sourcing, reduced inventories, targeted promotions and delighted customers – highly differentiated value propositions.
  • Built-in Business Intelligence enable innovative assortments, unique customer services, reduced promotional costs, more competitive pricing, and more profitable transactions.
  • Focused post-sales interactions lead to improved customer satisfaction and retention, cost reduction and improved employee satisfaction.

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