Big Data: solutions are implemented faster, at lower cost, and less risk on Oracle than via any DIY Hadoop solution. Oracle provides the best foundation for the Internet of Things and big data analytics. Oracle unified architecture provides end-to-end data liquidity, tailored scalability, and security and privacy from the inside out. Oracle can combine data in data warehouses with big data and enable users to easily discover the value in all of their data.
Business Intelligence: provides the complete spectrum of intelligent query and analysis capabilities. It includes interactive dashboards, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise reporting, real-time predictive intelligence, and mobile analytics. Insight comes from any data source, Oracle and non-Oracle and extends to a broad range of executive and technical users.
Scorecard and Strategy Management: enables organizations to define strategic goals and objectives that can be cascaded to every level of the enterprise. Tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their dashboards and using scorecards to measure the outcome of their actions, employees can understand their impact on achieving success and align their actions accordingly.
Hyperion Essbase: provides a real-time analytic infrastructure for insightful business intelligence and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications. At its core, Essbase contains a high performance OLAP engine with over 350 functions ranging from financial calculations to cross-dimensional clustering.
Endeca Information Discovery: is an enterprise data discovery platform for advanced, yet intuitive, analysis and exploration of complex and varied data. Fusing and augmenting diverse sources of information, Endeca Integrator offers ETL tooling for enterprise data, a Web Services API to leverage data integration tools such as Oracle Data Integrator, third party ETL, and Hadoop, and a web acquisition toolkit for gathering content from file systems, content management systems and websites.

BI Dashboard

BI Dashboard provides knowledge workers with intuitive and interactive access to information that is actionable and dynamically personalized based on their roles and identities. Users work with live reports, charts, pivot tables, graphics, and tickers and can drill, navigate, modify, and fully interact with the results via a Web browser. BI Dashboard also aggregates content from other sources, such as the Internet and document repositories. The Briefing Book reader allows users to snapshot dashboard pages to be shared, viewed offline, or archived.


BI Delivers

BI Delivers disseminates proactive intelligence to users via email, dashboards, and mobile devices. It includes a Web-based self-service alert creation and intelligence subscription portal. It also provides monitoring and analytic workflow. BI Delivers dynamically personalizes the right content for the right users in the right way.


BI Answers

BI Answers empowers users to quickly and easily author, format, and share rich, interactive, and drillable reports, charts, pivot tables, and dashboards via its self-service ad-hoc capabilities. Along with a Web interface, Answers provides a logical view of information that simplifies the complexity of underlying relational, multi-dimensional, and XML data structures.


BI Office Plug-In

BI Office Plug-In integrates reports from the BI Server with the Microsoft Office environment, embedding up-to-the minute data in Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents.

Spreadsheet add-in

BI Spreadsheet Add-In combines the analytic power and scalability of Oracle OLAP with the familiarity of Microsoft Excel. Users display, drill, pivot, and analyze live data from within Microsoft Excel. Through wizards, users create advanced queries and powerful calculations on large Oracle data warehouses.


BI Publisher

BI Publisher allows users to design their own reports in a browser or through Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Excel, or Microsoft Word. In addition to creating XML data extracts, Publisher converts report formats to XSL-FO formatted templates. At run-time, it merges the templates with the report data to create a variety of outputs that meet a variety of business needs such as HTML reports optimized for online viewing, text files formatted for EDI transmission, or PDF forms filled in with the appropriate XML data.


BI Server

BI Analytics Server provides sophisticated data access and processing capabilities such as caching, calculation, and aggregation that are leveraged in dashboards, adhoc queries, intelligent interaction, and data mining.


BI Mobile

BI Mobile gives users the full spectrum of BI functionality on their mobile devices, including notifications and alerts, reporting, ad hoc query, OLAP analysis, dashboards and scorecards. All BI content is automatically formatted for mobile use. BI Mobile also enables users to respond and act on the insight through the mobile dashboards.


BI Beans

BI Beans are the sophisticated JavaBean building blocks used within Discoverer that developers can use for building custom business intelligence applications and for leveraging Oracle OLAP. They include presentation beans, graph and crosstab data beans, query and calculation builders, and persistence services.


BI Discoverer

Discoverer is an intuitive ad-hoc query, reporting, analysis, and Web publishing tool. It empowers users without any SQL expertise by providing a business view—designed with Discoverer Administrator—that simplifies the complexity of the underlying relational and multi dimensional data structures. The Application Server also provides Web-based versions of Discoverer’s award winning, easy-to-use interface—Discoverer Plus, Viewer, and Portlet Provider—that allow users to share and drill through reports.


Reports Services

Reports Services is a high fidelity, enterprise-reporting engine with unrivaled scalability and security. It provides middle-tier report scheduling and caching, as well as the ability to render reports in various formats and disseminate them to various destinations.


Real-Time Decisions (RTD)

Real-Time Decisions optimizes customer-facing business processes by anticipating customers’ needs on demand and tailoring each interaction to their identified needs. It provides the most advanced business rules engine and predictive analytics technology for generating recommendations and insights. RTD creates actionable intelligence from data flowing through the process in real -time. Dynamic and time aware, it learns from each customer interaction by autonomously updating its predictive models. Built on a service-oriented J2EE architecture, RTD provides intelligence for processes such as proactive service management, customer call routing, and sales offer generation.


Scorecard and Strategy Management

Scorecard and Strategy Management enables organizations to define strategic goals and objectives that can be cascaded to every level of the enterprise. Tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their dashboards and using scorecards to measure the outcome of their actions, employees can understand their impact on achieving success and align their actions accordingly.



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