Big Data: solutions are implemented faster, at lower cost, and less risk on Oracle than via any DIY Hadoop solution. Oracle provides the best foundation for the Internet of Things and big data analytics. Oracle unified architecture provides end-to-end data liquidity, tailored scalability, and security and privacy from the inside out. Oracle can combine data in data warehouses with big data and enable users to easily discover the value in all of their data.
Business Intelligence: provides the complete spectrum of intelligent query and analysis capabilities. It includes interactive dashboards, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise reporting, real-time predictive intelligence, and mobile analytics. Insight comes from any data source, Oracle and non-Oracle and extends to a broad range of executive and technical users.
Scorecard and Strategy Management: enables organizations to define strategic goals and objectives that can be cascaded to every level of the enterprise. Tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in their dashboards and using scorecards to measure the outcome of their actions, employees can understand their impact on achieving success and align their actions accordingly.
Hyperion Essbase: provides a real-time analytic infrastructure for insightful business intelligence and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications. At its core, Essbase contains a high performance OLAP engine with over 350 functions ranging from financial calculations to cross-dimensional clustering.
Endeca Information Discovery: is an enterprise data discovery platform for advanced, yet intuitive, analysis and exploration of complex and varied data. Fusing and augmenting diverse sources of information, Endeca Integrator offers ETL tooling for enterprise data, a Web Services API to leverage data integration tools such as Oracle Data Integrator, third party ETL, and Hadoop, and a web acquisition toolkit for gathering content from file systems, content management systems and websites.

Hyperion Data Relationship Management

Data Relationship Management centrally administers, merges, and synchronizes Business Performance Management (BPM) data such as business dimensions, hierarchies, reporting structures, attributes, and rules across an organization’s data warehouses and enterprise applications. Business users “point and sync” master data through an easy to use thin client interface. IT administrators validate and check changes through the business rules engine. Data Relationship Management provides complete master data lifecycle, versioning, and auditing capabilities.


Hyperion Essbase

Essbase provides a real-time analytic infrastructure for insightful business intelligence and enterprise performance management (EPM) applications. At its core, Essbase contains a high performance OLAP engine with over 350 functions ranging from financial calculations to cross-dimensional clustering. Through an intuitive interface, business users create forward looking applications that model complex scenarios, forecast trends, and perform what-if analyses. Essbase's unique multi-user read/write technology enables users to update and refresh the analytic data; its powerful multidimensional optimizer provides consistent, sub second response times with terabytes of data; and its efficient data storage and compression methods enable it to scale with multiple plug-and-play data sources.


Hyperion Financial Reporting

Financial Reporting meets the broadest range of financial reporting needs by generating book-quality financial and management reports compliant with accounting regulations and external requirements. It provides powerful business analytics, such as conditional suppression and automatic calculations that focus and filter reports with pre-defined financial intelligence. A graphical, object-based interface and a library of reusable report components enable the rapid creation of reports that combine data, text, charts, graphs, and images. In addition, users fully control layouts, formatting, fonts, and colors, as well as configure scheduling, alerts, and output formats. Furthermore, Financial Reporting supports XBRL for electronic filing of financial information on the front end and relational and multidimensional data sources within applications such as Oracle and SAP on the back end.


Hyperion Web Analysis

Web Analysis is the interactive presentation interface to multidimensional data sources such as Hyperion Essbase and SAP BW. It provides many, easy to use display types including grids, charts, pin boards, traffic lighting, and personalization. Users fully control layouts, formatting, fonts, colors, and output formats.


Hyperion Foundation Services

Foundation Services provide a single, shared infrastructure for managing and extending the Hyperion modules.
  • Calculation Manager composes sophisticated calculations.
  • Enterprise Performance Management Architect models business processes and creates financial applications.
  • Shared Services offer a single point of maintenance for user provisioning, user authentication including external authentication, metadata sharing, and shared infrastructure services that can be deployed centrally.
  • SmartView  integrates Hyperion content with Microsoft Office.
  • Workspace provides users with a “windows-on-the Web” experience for interacting with Hyperion content.


Hyperion Interactive Reporting

Interactive Reporting is an intuitive user-directed query and analysis tool for business users and analysts. Through personalized, interactive dashboards, it provides at-a glance summaries of key performance indicators, enabling users to quickly spot trends and anomalies, select different views of data, drill down for greater detail, or access offline with a mobile device. Interactive Reporting pulls together data from heterogeneous relational and multidimensional sources in easy to use charts, pivots, and highly formatted reports. It also integrates SAP NetWeaver and IBM WebSphere portals, Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, and SAP BW.


Hyperion SQR Production Reporting

SQR Production Reporting generates high volume, presentation-quality formatted reports with high performance even when the data is queried from multiple heterogeneous data sources. It scales through report bursting and by generating multiple outputs from a single pass of source data. Production Reporting supports a variety of output types for Web-based and print-ready report distribution. Rapid graphical report creation environment coupled with a powerful programmatic language enables developers to create sophisticated reports. Along with built-in security, Production Reporting provides comprehensive report lifecycle management that includes creation, report categorization, scheduling, distribution, versioning, archiving and automatic deletion.


Smart Space

Smart Space is a gadget-based user interface designed specifically for Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence (BI). It provides a set of customizable gadgets that run on the Windows desktop providing access to financial, operational and performance information. Smart Space includes a development toolkit for creating additional gadgets and services, employing common development methodologies and languages. Further, Smart Space integrates notification alerts and instant messaging with BI.



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