Noronesc Support Services provides technical and operational expertise to get the most out of your technology and applications, with a variety of services, including 24/7 technical assistance, proactive support resources, product updates, and Advanced Support Services for mission critical support of complex IT environments, maximizing performance, achieving high availability and reducing risk across the complete stack-applications, middleware, database, operating system, virtualization, servers and storage.
Noronesc Development Team uses the most comprehensive arsenal of tools for application development and business intelligence. These tools support many programming languages, the latest open standards, several development methodologies, and all phases of the development life cycle.
From strategic planning to enterprise architecture design to rapid implementations and upgrades, Noronesc Consulting goal is to help your business succeed. Whether you are starting your initial implementation, adding to your current stack, or upgrading to the latest version, let us help you make the most of your technology investment.
Noronesc Education provides training with multiple learning options to fit our customers training requirements and budget. Our customers can significantly improve their implementation experience and accelerate their adoption of technology with our expert-led training classes.
By making Noronesc part of your outsourcing strategy, you'll benefit from proven information technology and business process outsourcing solutions that accelerate business results, lower costs, and reduce risk.
With Cloud Computing Solutions you can offload IT management and focus on growing your business.



Noronesc Support Services give you the technical and operational expertise to get the most out of your technology and applications. Our mission is to deliver better service to all of our customers through the following:

  • Support service engineered into all products
  • Proactive problem resolution through direct connections to the customer
  • Personalized service with focused expertise and tailored support plans

Partner with customers for mutual success Noronesc is committed to providing customers with a complete business solution that includes industry-leading products and integrated services. Whether you engage us for standard help-desk support, remote assistance, or you outsource the management of your software to us, Noronesc can help you choose and deploy the service levels and processes that best suit your unique business needs.

Noronesc Support Services provides technical and operational expertise to help customers maximize their Oracle investment. Noronesc offers customers a variety of services to meet their unique business needs, including Standard Support Services and Advanced Support Services.


1. Standard Support Services

Standard Support Services offers technical assistance for all products through the telephone, wired persistent connections or an expert onsite system engineer.

Product Support provides timely, effective support for all software product issues. Standard Support Services includes:

  • Real-time solutions through 24x7 wired persistent connection and telephone technical expertise
  • Support methodology based on global standards and best practices


2. Advanced Support Services

Customers who desire more proactive service, but who have made the decision to manage their own software, will find Noronesc’s Advanced Support Services as the answer. Advanced Support Services provides a portfolio of solutions for assisted and advisory support services for customers business-critical database and applications environments.

Assisted Services

Assisted Services offer customized assistance with software support, enhancements and improving processes.

  • Flexible advisory resources to assist the customer with specific support services

Technical Assessments

Technical Assessments provide configuration and performance analysis, with focused service delivery reviews.

  • Focused on configuration and performance best practices
  • Personalized service delivery plan reviews

Business-Critical Assistance

Business-Critical Assistance adds a spectrum of additional services to give more personalized support and proactive recommendations.

  • Proactive support services supplied by engineers with in-depth knowledge about the customer’s environment
  • Designed to focus on problem avoidance and optimization recommendations

Solution Support Center

Solution Support Centers further extend the offering to provide a unique combination of reactive and proactive support services tailored to your company’s needs.

  • Focused engineering team providing proactive and reactive assistance with all support services


Why Advanced Services:

  • Ensure highest level of customer care
  • Deliver the most benefits:
    • Faster problem resolution
    • Proactive service
    • Faster to business benefit
  • Regardless of delivery method
    • Offline or online



  • Provide the highest level of customer care
  • Development of common configurations, processes, and automated tools to scale our services
  • Leverage outsourcing experience to bring ever increasing levels of service to all customers
  • Account advocate
  • Primary point of contact
  • Consistent and predictable service delivery
  • Joint planning and shared responsibility


3. Outsourcing

Database management is often complex, time consuming and expensive. Making sure that databases are available, secure and performing at the highest level, 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a challenge for any organization. As a result, many organizations spend thousands of Euros each year on database management and still end up with service levels that are below what is required for optimal operations. Noronesc Outsourcing offers a service that can deliver better database management at a lower and more predictable cost.


  • Lower, more predictable software management costs
  • Higher availability-Less planned and unplanned downtime
  • Better, faster problem resolution
  • Improved performance
  • Greater protection from viruses and unauthorized entry

Freedom to focus on core business instead of routine software administration.


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