Our Systems delivers record-breaking performance, simplified management, high availability, and cost-saving efficiencies. Oracle engineering teams across the technology stack are working together to design the industry most powerful and reliable systems for enterprise, Web and high-performance computing infrastructures.
Engineered Systems: are purpose-built hardware and software pre-assembled and supported as a single system. Building every component in the technology stack, only Oracle can optimize complete systems from the ground up to provide the lowest TCO, easiest deployment and maintenance, and fastest performance for the services they were engineered for. These systems eliminate the inherent risks and time-consuming efforts of building custom systems with components from multiple vendors.

New All-Flash Oracle Database Appliance Portfolio 


Now, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of an optimized, engineered system for Oracle Database environments.

Get simplified, optimized, and affordable database performance that is just right for your business.

Private Cloud Appliance: provides agile and rapid deployments of infrastructure hardware, application software, and virtualized systems.
ZFS Storage Appliance: is the premier NAS storage system with unified storage capability and innovative data services. It includes multi-protocol support for InfiniBand, 1/10 GbE, and fibre channel.
The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the world first engineered system designed specifically for database protection. The Recovery Appliance delivers continuous protection for critical databases while offloading all backup processing from production servers to minimize overhead.

Mini Cluster is a simple and efficient engineered system designed to run enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security.

Database Management

Oracle Data Masking Pack

Data Masking Pack enforces privacy and security regulations when sharing production data with internal and external development, test or staging environments. It uses a highly efficient mechanism to replace sensitive or confidential data with realistic but scrubbed data based on masking rules while retaining the original database constraints, referential integrity, indexes, and partitions. Data Masking Pack is supported on Oracle and non-Oracle databases.

Oracle Database Lifecycle Management Pack

Database Lifecycle Management Pack administers the complete lifecycle of an organization's databases. It starts with non-intrusive agent-less discovery and tracking of hardware and software assets. It includes database provisioning as well as management of schema changes, patches, and upgrades. The pack also includes configuration management and drift detection, reporting and management of industry and regulatory compliance standards, and disaster protection automation.

Oracle Diagnostics Pack

Diagnostics Pack embeds the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor into the database. It deftly monitors health, automatically identifies performance bottlenecks, proactively provides alerts and event notification, and intelligently recommends corrective actions.

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database

Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Database is Noronesc’s premiere cloud management solution. Providing complete visibility of the physical and virtual infrastructure from applications to disk, it enables cloud administrators to set up pooled resources and define a services catalog. The pack empowers administrators with role-based access management, quota management, resource and workload management. It also provides users with a self-service portal, single-click provisioning and scaling of database services. The Cloud Management Pack includes capacity planning, metering, and chargeback based on performance and configuration metrics as well as extensibility via an API and CLI.


Oracle Test Data Management Pack

Test Data Management Pack helps enterprises shrink storage costs by creating reduced size copies of production data for application development, training and testing while maintaining the referential integrity of the data set. Through data discovery and application modeling, Test Data Management Pack automatically discovers and enforces complex data relationships and business rules across many tables and schemas resulting in accurate subsets of production data. While supporting Oracle and non-Oracle Databases, the pack also ships with pre-defined drivers to capture the data relationships for Oracle Applications.

Oracle Tuning Pack

Tuning Pack dramatically boosts the performance of an Oracle system. It analyzes workloads and collects statistics. It optimizes storage, index, and schema configurations. At run-time, it automatically tunes and rewrites profiled SQL statements sent by any application without requiring any modification of the application.



Application Management

Oracle Configuration Management Pack for Applications

Configuration Management provides automated discovery, fine-grained tracking, and smooth provisioning of all hardware assets, software components, and low-level configuration property information. Integrating with other change management systems, it offers an agent-less, low overhead collection and an agent-based, real-time configuration change detection. Configuration Management prevents configuration drift with "gold master" configurations, configuration comparison and remediation, and change alerts. It also includes out-of-box policies and blueprints to enforce enterprise-wide compliance with regulatory and industry standards.

Oracle Application Management Suite for Oracle Applications

Application Management Suite provides a complete solution for managing Oracle Applications such as Siebel, JD Edwards and Fusion Applications from a single console that has an end-to-end view of the entire environment. In addition to Oracle Enterprise Manager's core capabilities of discovery and monitoring, application performance management, configuration management and life-cycle automation, this pack adds a business-driven application management perspective to systems management and monitors end-users actions, following business transactions across business services. In addition, the suite provides a set of application-specific tools such as transaction diagnostics, workflow monitoring, event log analyses, proactive monitoring and problem solving that are designed to ensure the proper functioning and to address the unique management challenges of Oracle Applications out-of-the-box.



Middleware Management

Oracle Business Intelligence (BI) Management Pack

BI Management Pack is an integrated solution for ensuring the performance and availability of applications built with Oracle Business Intelligence tools. Using the pack, administrators get proactive alerts on potential problems, examine run-time metrics to troubleshoot and tune performance, and track configuration changes.

Oracle Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Fusion Middleware

Cloud Management Pack for Oracle Fusion Middleware provides end-to-end lifecycle management for Platform as a Service clouds and application to disk monitoring for the cloud environment. It enables cloud administrators to monitor and optimize the utilization of cloud resources from a single console in real time. The pack empowers administrators with fine-grained access management, quota management, resource and workload management. It also provides users with a self-service portal and cloud availability and SLAs. The Cloud Management Pack includes capacity planning, metering, and chargeback as well as extensibility via an API and CLI.

Oracle Management Pack for Non Oracle Middleware

Management Pack for Non Oracle Middleware is the most comprehensive management pack for monitoring Java applications running in any application server. It provides administrators everything from wizard-driven discovery which provides high-level JMX metrics out of the box to deep dive Java Virtual Machine diagnostics. The pack provides real-time visibility at all levels within the middleware stack from the front-end requests to the calls to the back-end database, instrumented with root cause analysis, trending analysis, configuration change tracking, and service level monitoring dashboards.

Oracle Management Pack for Oracle Coherence

Coherence Pack simplifies the management of your Oracle Coherence clusters with event management, deployment automation, configuration management, and lifecycle management. It also provides a rich set of charts and metrics on usage, performance, and throughput for all the caches and services defined in a cluster. It can send email or SNMP alerts when thresholds are exceeded.

Oracle Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate

Management Pack for Oracle GoldenGate is an intuitive graphical interface for designing, configuring, managing, monitoring, and reporting on the GoldenGate components implemented across an organization. A centralized repository maintains information about the GoldenGate environment, including security settings, event logs, lag time, records processing, and many statistics.

Oracle Management Pack for Oracle WebCenter

Management Pack for WebCenter is a dynamic, customizable service-level dashboard that provides comprehensive visibility of the many layers of Enterprise 2.0 composite portal and J2EE applications. Automatically correlating the underlying code components and collecting metrics for end-user functions, it offers a non-intrusive, 24/7 application performance management solution.

Oracle Management Pack Plus for Oracle Identity Management

Identity Management Pack improves performance and availability, and reduces the cost and complexity of managing the Oracle Identity and Access Management Suite. With it, administrators proactively monitor Identity services and underlying infrastructure components such as application servers, databases, and hosts. It can also diagnose the root cause of performance and availability problems by correlating high-level identity service performance metrics with the metrics of underlying infrastructure components.

Oracle Real User Experience Insight

Real User Experience Insight reveals the most complete picture for a true all-around analysis of a user’s experience. It integrates performance analysis and usage analysis while correlating application server and network metrics. Its passive monitoring capability is built using state of the art Network Protocol Analysis technology that does not require any modification to user applications. Additionally, Insight Accelerators provide complete and out-of-the-box real-user monitoring solutions for Oracle Applications.


Oracle SOA Management Pack

SOA Management Pack delivers comprehensive management capabilities for a SOA environment. Enterprise Manager makes it easy for the IT administrator to manage SOA runtime environments by discovering BPEL processes, managing service levels for business processes and partner links, and providing an error management solution for process instances. A centralized console combined with service and system dashboards provide IT managers and executives a top-down enterprise view with drilldown capabilities.

Oracle WebLogic Server Management Pack

Management Pack for WebLogic provides a centralized console and an easy-to-use solution for managing an application infrastructure built on Oracle Application Server and WebLogic Server. It provides comprehensive application performance monitoring and automated operations capabilities. The management pack also automates discovery, asset tracking, compliance enforcement, and change management of middleware services and server configurations.



Systems Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center

Ops Center creates and manages enterprise Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds for customers utilizing Oracle SPARC and X86 servers, Solaris and Linux, Infiniband and Ethernet switches, Oracle VM, Solaris containers and clusters, ZFS Storage Appliance, Oracle engineered systems, and more. From a unified console, it provides a comprehensive solution to provision virtual machines, turn bare-metal to cloud in minutes, pool resources and allocate services using user-defined policies. Ops Center automatically discovers and introspects hardware components and shows administrators the topology of the IT infrastructure so that it can perform dependency analyses and manage the configuration and updates of each component's operating system, firmware and BIOS. It also offers hardware fault analysis, performance management with advanced diagnostics tools such as Dtrace, automatically generates service requests, energy management, configuration and compliance reporting, and more.

Oracle Grid Engine

Grid Engine is a distributed resource/workload management system that manages the distribution of user workloads to available compute resources. It creates a cloud computing infrastructure that adapts to any computing environment and application workload. Grid engine offers resource reservation, policy management and advanced scheduling that govern how workloads and resources are allocated and terminated. It also provides reports of detailed usage for analysis and billing.

Oracle Management Connectors

Management Connectors provide a standards based framework to easily integrate Oracle Enterprise Manager with third party management products such as Remedy, CA Service Desk, HP Service Manager and Operations Manager, Tivoli, and Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager. The integration enables collaborative management and bi-directional information exchange of deployment and run-time events.

Oracle System Monitoring Plug-ins for Hosts, Network Devices, Storage, non-Oracle Databases, and non-Oracle Middleware

System Monitoring Plug-ins comprehensively collect availability and performance metrics, generate system reports and notifications, and manage events and thresholds for most of the hardware and software components in an enterprise. With over 30 plug-ins and more coming, the benefits of Oracle Enterprise Manager’s monitoring capabilities extend to non-Oracle components such as EMC Celerra, IBM DB2, JBoss Application Server, Entuity EYE Network Management, and more. Administrators can now correlate and troubleshoot problems across heterogeneous products.



Application Quality Management

Oracle Application Replay Pack

Application Replay Pack enables realistic testing of changes to any part of the application stack from application server down to disk by first capturing the production workload as generated by the Web application at the production site with zero overhead. The captured application workload is then moved to the test environment, where the replay infrastructure reproduces the workload with the exact timing, concurrency, and transaction characteristics of the original workload. Extensive performance and correctness data from all layers of the stack is collected and reported. Reducing the cost of testing by 80%, it eliminates the need to develop simulation workloads or scripts.

Oracle Functional Testing

Functional Testing provides the easiest and fastest way to create automated scripts that simulate complex Web transactions. For both functional and load tests, users can build Web application test scripts simply by pointing and clicking. Further, they can create tests for .NET and J2EE Web applications as well as Web services and emerging Web technologies such as Ajax. Additionally, Testing Accelerators provide complete and out-of-the-box testing solutions for various applications.

Oracle Load Testing

Load Testing easily yet rigorously stress tests the performance and scalability of Web applications and Web services. It simulates thousands of virtual users accessing the application simultaneously and measures the effect of the workloads on performance. Additionally, Testing Accelerators provide complete and out-of-the-box testing solutions for various applications.

Oracle Real Application Testing

Real Application Testing provides rapid evaluation and adoption of system enhancements and updates while eliminating change-related risks. Database Replay comprehensively records and replays actual production workload, including timing, concurrency, and transaction characteristics for test systems. No coding of unrealistic simulation scripts is necessary. SQL Performance Analyzer performs in-depth impact analysis and assesses outcomes of changes on SQL queries.

Oracle Test Manager

Test Manager manages the entire Web application testing process. Users define testing requirements, specify and execute tests to validate those requirements, and then manage the defects that those tests reveal. By coordinating the testing process in a single, unified platform, Oracle Test Manager synchronizes with third-party test automation tools and provides a comprehensive way to manage quality as a process throughout the Web application development lifecycle.




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