Fusion Middleware is a comprehensive and unified middleware platform that includes products such as WebCenter, Business Intelligence, Content Management, and WebLogic Server. It powers many solutions such as Java, identity management, service oriented architecture, and data integration. These hotpluggable services and solutions share a common Grid infrastructure, enabling them to be deployed independently, integrated, or distributed in a cluster of servers for industry-leading performance, scalability, and reliability.
WebCenter connects applications, information and people by weaving together the most complete and open portfolio of portal, Web experience management, social and collaboration technologies, structured and unstructured content into a single, integrated suite. Channeling the right information in the context of the business process in which users are engaged, WebCenter creates intuitive portals, composite applications, and mash-ups that seamlessly interoperate with business applications.
WebCenter Content unifies document, digital asset, Web content, and records management. A single-architecture approach allows all content-documents, Web pages, imagery, email and records to be accessed via common interfaces and desktop tools, improving ease of use, sharing, searching, and compliance.
Data Integrator: Data Services are feature-rich, virtual views built across federated and heterogeneous data sources such as semi-structured sources, relational databases, and Web services. They simplify and mediate bidirectional data access and updates for business processes, portals, and applications.
WebLogic Server is the cornerstone application server and Java runtime platform implementing the Java EE specification and Web Services standards. It provides industry-leading performance and scalability through state-of-the-art clustering, built-in software load balancing, server self-monitoring, overload protection, and GridLink for Oracle RAC.

Enterprise Repository

Enterprise Repository is the system of record for all information on all SOA assets. To provide all of the useful information to project teams, it automatically aggregates data on taxonomies, dependencies, lifecycle stage, performance metrics, usage history, reviews, and more. Further, the Repository provides holistic visibility and a central point of management for all heterogeneous SOA assets, including processes, services, applications, frameworks, and policies. Developers can search the repository to avoid redundant effort and encourage reuse, leverage role-based access controls to make sure the right people see the right assets, and ensure that SOA components meet guidelines before they are approved for broader use. Via automated introspection and the Metadata Interoperability Framework (MDIF), Oracle Enterprise Repository dynamically exchanges metadata and service information between providers, UDDI registries, service consumers, and policy enforcement points.


Web Services Manager (WSM)

WSM centrally defines best practice policies to govern Web services operations such as authorization, encryption, load balancing, logging, and authentication across enterprises. As a policy enforcement point (PEP), it wraps these policies around Web services without requiring modification to those services. In addition, it collects statistics and generates reports to ensure quality of service and security.


Service Registry

Oracle Service Registry provides a UDDI v3 compliant catalog for publishing, discovering, describing, and categorizing Web services across enterprises. It enables providers to present and advertise services; and it allows consumers to search and dynamically bind to them. The registry also provides enterprise- wide SOA governance and lifecycle services such as user subscription, change notification, workflows for approving published services, and quality control. The Service Registry is the system of record for all SOA information.



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