Our Systems delivers record-breaking performance, simplified management, high availability, and cost-saving efficiencies. Oracle engineering teams across the technology stack are working together to design the industry most powerful and reliable systems for enterprise, Web and high-performance computing infrastructures.
Engineered Systems: are purpose-built hardware and software pre-assembled and supported as a single system. Building every component in the technology stack, only Oracle can optimize complete systems from the ground up to provide the lowest TCO, easiest deployment and maintenance, and fastest performance for the services they were engineered for. These systems eliminate the inherent risks and time-consuming efforts of building custom systems with components from multiple vendors.

New All-Flash Oracle Database Appliance Portfolio 


Now, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of an optimized, engineered system for Oracle Database environments.

Get simplified, optimized, and affordable database performance that is just right for your business.

Private Cloud Appliance: provides agile and rapid deployments of infrastructure hardware, application software, and virtualized systems.
ZFS Storage Appliance: is the premier NAS storage system with unified storage capability and innovative data services. It includes multi-protocol support for InfiniBand, 1/10 GbE, and fibre channel.
The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the world first engineered system designed specifically for database protection. The Recovery Appliance delivers continuous protection for critical databases while offloading all backup processing from production servers to minimize overhead.

Mini Cluster is a simple and efficient engineered system designed to run enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security.

UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX)

Oracle Solaris

Solaris is an operating system with mainframe-class reliability and performance. Because it offers an arsenal of performance and productivity enhancing features, there are more applications available on Solaris than any other operating system. Availability features include DTrace for real -time application debugging and optimization, predictive self healing, live upgrade, software restart and clustering. Solaris also has the most advanced security features, such as process and user rights management, Trusted Extensions for mandatory access control, cryptographic framework, and secure by default networking. Solaris Containers and Logical Domains provide built-in virtualization for consolidating existing application environmets.


AIX, the future of the UNIX operating system

Businesses today need to maximize the return on investment in information technology. Their IT infrastructure should have the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing business computing requirements and scale to handle ever expanding workloads—without adding complexity. But just providing flexibility and performance isn’t enough; the IT infrastructure also needs to provide rock-solid security and near-continuous availability and while managing energy and cooling costs.

These are just some of the reasons why more and more businesses are choosing the AIX operating system (OS) running on IBM systems designed with Power Architecture® technology. With its proven scalability, advanced virtualization, security, manageability and reliability features, the AIX OS is an excellent choice for building an IT infrastructure. And, AIX is the only operating system that leverages decades of IBM technology innovation designed to provide the highest level of performance and reliability of any UNIX operating system.



When you need continuous computing for workloads vital to the enterprise, HP-UX is the answer. It provides a dynamic, highly secure and unified environment, built on the always-on resiliency demanded in mission-critical servers. The result is a proven infrastructure that accelerates business value and lowers your risk.

  • Mission-critical application availability for continuous operations
  • Stability and investment protection with decades of support
  • Highly-integrated UNIX for resiliency and ease of management


Linux (Oracle)

Oracle Linux is an enterprise-class Linux distribution supported by Oracle. The Oracle Linux engineering team collaborates with Oracle’s Database, Middleware, and Hardware engineering teams to ensure Linux's stability and optimal performance for the most demanding enterprise workloads. Oracle engineers developed a number of enhancements and improvements to make Linux perform better on large systems, namely in the area of scalability, memory management and better Infiniband support. Oracle Linux offers a choice of two Linux kernels: • The Red Hat Compatible Kernel enforces strict Red Hat kernel ABI (kABI ) compatibility • The Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel is optimized for enterprise software and hardware and leverages the latest features in Linux to boost performance. Existing applications run unchanged because all system libraries remain unchanged.


Windows Server

Windows Server offers businesses an enterprise-class, multi-tenant datacenter and cloud infrastructure that simplifies the deployment of IT services. With Windows Server, you can achieve affordable, multi-node business continuity scenarios with high service uptime and at-scale disaster recovery.
As an open application and web platform, Windows Server helps you build, deploy, and scale modern applications and high-density websites for the datacenter and the cloud.
Windows Server also enables IT to empower users by providing them with flexible, policy-based resources while protecting corporate information.
Whether your company is a large enterprise, a service provider, or a small or medium-sized business, Windows Server can help you cloud optimize your business.
Simply implementing a virtualized solution within your infrastructure is not enough to provide the agility today’s IT challenges require. Windows Server changes the virtualization equation by enabling you to deploy and manage a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure within a flexible IT environment that adapts to your changing business needs.
New and enhanced features in Windows Server empower you to efficiently utilize the capacity of your datacenter, while delivering best-in-class performance for your Microsoft workloads. Access to corporate resources such as workloads, storage, and networks help increase the agility of your business while protecting corporate information.
Offering a proven, enterprise-class cloud and datacenter platform, Windows Server can easily scale to continuously run the largest workloads with support for up to 64 processors and 1 terabyte of memory for Hyper-V guests, and VHDX virtual hard disks up to 64 terabytes. In addition, powerful availability features protect against service outages. And with automated protection and recovery for cost-effective business continuity on-premises and across clouds, you can improve your workload SLAs while reducing downtime risks.
To help you protect your investments in existing cross-platform technologies, Windows Server also offers expanded support for a heterogeneous datacenter, including rich Linux support.




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