Our Systems delivers record-breaking performance, simplified management, high availability, and cost-saving efficiencies. Oracle engineering teams across the technology stack are working together to design the industry most powerful and reliable systems for enterprise, Web and high-performance computing infrastructures.
Engineered Systems: are purpose-built hardware and software pre-assembled and supported as a single system. Building every component in the technology stack, only Oracle can optimize complete systems from the ground up to provide the lowest TCO, easiest deployment and maintenance, and fastest performance for the services they were engineered for. These systems eliminate the inherent risks and time-consuming efforts of building custom systems with components from multiple vendors.

New All-Flash Oracle Database Appliance Portfolio 


Now, organizations of all sizes can take advantage of an optimized, engineered system for Oracle Database environments.

Get simplified, optimized, and affordable database performance that is just right for your business.

Private Cloud Appliance: provides agile and rapid deployments of infrastructure hardware, application software, and virtualized systems.
ZFS Storage Appliance: is the premier NAS storage system with unified storage capability and innovative data services. It includes multi-protocol support for InfiniBand, 1/10 GbE, and fibre channel.
The Oracle Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is the world first engineered system designed specifically for database protection. The Recovery Appliance delivers continuous protection for critical databases while offloading all backup processing from production servers to minimize overhead.

Mini Cluster is a simple and efficient engineered system designed to run enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security.

Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance saves time and money by simplifying
deployment, maintenance, and support of database solutions for
organizations of every size. Optimized for the world’s most popular
database - Oracle Database - it integrates software, compute, storage, and
network resources to deliver database services for a wide range of custom
and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in-memory database,
and data warehousing applications. All hardware and software components
are engineered and supported by Oracle, offering customers a reliable and
secure system with built-in automation and best practices. In addition to
accelerating the time to value when deploying database solutions, the Oracle
Database Appliance offers flexible Oracle Database licensing options and
reduces operational expenses associated with maintenance and support.

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Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata is software and hardware engineered together to provide the highest-performing and most-available platform for running Oracle Database as well as demanding data warehouse and OLTP jobs. As the Exadata comes with Oracle Virtual Machine and supports both non-virtualized and Oracle VM in the same rack, you get much more efficient use of your computing resources. Even better: Oracle VM, along with multiple software innovations, are included with the Exadata at no extra cost, making it significantly more cost-effective than comparable competitor products while outclassing them on performance. 
Its architecture features a scale-out design with industry-standard servers and intelligent storage, including state-of-the-art flash technology, and high-speed InfiniBand internal fabric. Elastic configurations let you add capacity as you grow and tailor the solution to specific workloads. Exadata speed and capacity allows it to replace huge servers and arrays, so you save you power, floor space and integration costs while providing low TCO and ultra-fast performance for your users.
You can start with a one-eighth rack Exadata and add more power and storage as needed. That way, you’re not paying for capacity you don’t yet need. The new Exadata Extreme Flash (EF) Storage Server provides scalability, availability and InfiniBand connected smart storage for industry leading performance. It will make light work of your database consolidation, data warehouse and database-as-a-service (DBaaS) challenges.
With the Exadata, you save money upfront and benefit from low TCO too. For cost-effective scaling, you can choose Capacity on Demand. All necessary database cores are installed but some are turned off, reducing your software cost. As your needs grow, you can simply have them turned on and adjust the licensing accordingly.
Oracle Exadata is the fastest machine for all workloads – and cost-effectiveness and high availability are part of the package!  


Big Data Appliance

Big Data Appliance is optimized for acquiring, organizing and analyzing unstructured big data. It features NoSQL Database and Cloudera’s distribution including Apache Hadoop. Integrating 18 dual -processor compute and storage nodes, InfiniBand is ideal for MapReduce processing and data redistribution. For deep analysis, the Big Data Appliance includes R, an open-source statistical environment. And it can leverage Oracle Database for additional analysis via Big Data Connectors.


Private Cloud Appliance

Oracle Private Cloud Appliance, formerly named Virtual Compute Appliance, is an integrated, “wire once,” software-defined converged infrastructure system designed for rapid deployment of private cloud at industry-leading price point. Whether customers are running Microsoft Windows, Linux or Oracle Solaris applications, Private Cloud Appliance supports a large range of mixed workloads hosted in a converged server, network, and storage environment to enable general purpose, business-, and mission-critical application deployments in medium-to-large data centers. High-performance, low-latency Oracle Fabric Interconnect with Oracle SDN—two products in the Oracle Virtual Networking family—allow automated configuration of the server and storage networks. The embedded Private Cloud Appliance controller software automates the installation, configuration, and management of all the infrastructure components at the push of a button. Customers need to enter only basic configuration parameters and create virtual machines (VMs) manually or by leveraging Oracle VM Templates to get a full application up and running in few hours. With Oracle Enterprise Manager, the Private Cloud Appliance is transformed into a powerful Cloud Services delivery platform and provides a simple path from on-premise to Oracle Cloud.


ZFS Storage Appliance

ZFS Storage Appliance is the premier NAS storage system with unified storage capability and innovative data services. It includes multi-protocol support for InfiniBand, 1/10 GbE, and fibre channel. An advanced hybrid storage pool design recognizes I/O patterns, optimizes performance across storage tiers and reduce power consumption, enabling the appliance to achieve record high-performance SPC and SPECsfs benchmark results. To reduce costs, the appliance offers file deduplication via ZFS compression and 10X compression via hybrid columnar compression for Oracle Databases. It’s self-healing capabilities, advanced error detection, graphical displays of performance metrics, and two-node cluster configuration provide high availability. Based on this appliance, the ZFS Backup Appliance is the ideal backup and recovery solution for enterprise systems.


Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance eliminates data loss risk by providing real-time backup and integrated redo transport. Data can be recovered up to the last sub-second. It scales to protect thousands of databases, consolidating backup islands and enabling an efficient database protection as a service. Incremental forever backups eliminate backup windows, offload backup processing minimizes overhead on production servers, and database-aware validation ensures data integrity and database recovery to any point in time.



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